The mines of Murlo

In the Crevole Valley, in the 19th century following the discovery in the area of an important lignite deposit, the Murlo Mine Village was founded. In addition to the excavated lignite, there were also semi-finished products, obtained from the raw materials in the surrounding area.
To facilitate the transport of the material, a 23-kilometer railway was implanted that could connect the mines with the Monte Antico station of the Siena-Grosseto railway. It was used in alternating phases, depending on the degree of exploitation of the deposit. The line was decommissioned in 1947.

The Mine Village is located in a flat position to enable it to be equipped with a railroad connecting to the markets and to ensure the daily service of the yards. Because of its high historical and cultural interest, a cognitive tour of the area takes about two hours starting from the beginning of the Village located one thousand two hundred meters from the Castle of Murlo and about one hundred meters lower.

Most of the original structures of the Village have been recovered for use as civilian dwellings while maintaining those essential features that still allow its identification today.

The Murlo mine at the 1881 Milan Industrial Exposition by Luciano Scali

Following the experience gained at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1878 (see Murlocultura 3/2016), the Murlo Mine thought it appropriate to also participate in the Italian Industrial Exposition held in Milan in1881, which despite not having the resonance of the previous one attracted all the attention of the Italian market. This was the first major event since the unification of Italy occurred comforted by the massive participation of exhibiting firms and visitors. Again, the Compagnie Française des Charbonnage de Pienza decided to be present in the hope of increasing the lignite trade by directing it to various market sectors. Consultation of a pamphlet kept at the Intronati Library in Siena and published on the occasion of the Milan Industrial Exposition contains interesting news in this regard that gives an idea of the situation of mining at that date.

Tourist information office

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Murlo is Orange Flag

The Municipality of Murlo was awarded in the year 2004 the Orange Flag, a tourist-environmental quality mark for the inland of the T.C.I. (Touring Club Italiano).