Murlo music week

Murlo Music Week is the result of a bet that began in 2001, when the Pro Loco di Murlo, with the Associazione Culturale di Murlo, began to promote classical music through the organization of the first musical events stimulated by passion and by the contribution of some accomplished musicians, lovers of our territory.

In over twenty years Murlo Music Week has become an important point of reference for classical music and jazz enthusiasts, creating a stable group of musicians, to which new performers are added and alternated from year to year.

In the last two years, internationally wellknown artists have been invited: Silvia Chiesa (cello) and Maurizio Baglini (piano) in 2021 and the TRIO di Parma in 2022.

The concerts are set in an extremely inviting location: the Castle of Murlo in fact preserves its ancient aspect of a medieval hamlet and its Piazza delle Carceri offers, in its magical atmosphere, exceptional acoustics.


The XXII edition will take place from July 30 to August 6, 2023.


  • 30th July 2023 Castello di Murlo
    Paulette Miller (harp) – David Miller (flute) – Geoff Merrill (pianoforte)
    Klaus Lessmann (clarinet)
  • 31st July 2023 Castello di Murlo
    Serena Saccardi (soprano) – Geoff Merrill (pianoforte)
  • 1st August 2023 Casciano di Murlo – Chiostro Chiesa
    Fabio Barbagallo (classic guitar) – David Miller (flute)
  • 2nd August 2023 Casciano di Murlo – Chiostro Chiesa
    Tobia Bondesan (sax) – Nazareno Caputo (vibraphone) – jazz
  • 3rd August 2023 Castello di Murlo
    Rebecca Ciogli (cello) – Lorenzo Rossi (pianoforte)
  • 5th August 2023 Castello di Murlo
    Joseph Nowell (pianoforte) – Alexandra Gabriela Balog (pianoforte)
    “Piani diversi: da Bach ad oggi”
  • 6th August 2023 Castello di Murlo
    Klaus Lessmann (clarinet) – Renato Chicco (pianoforte)

Concerts will start at 9.15 pm

Ticket: € 10,00 – free under 15

Info, reservations (already open): +393770881208 - +390577814099 - +393356859146


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Murlo is Orange Flag

The Municipality of Murlo was awarded in the year 2004 the Orange Flag, a tourist-environmental quality mark for the inland of the T.C.I. (Touring Club Italiano).